The Best Trends in Home Lighting This Year

Let’s take a brief look at some of today’s leading home lighting trend ideas, as provided by Orlando expert lighting designers. As the year ends and the New Year begins, you may be wondering what changes are coming in the home lighting scene. As it turns out, one of the biggest home lighting trend ideas for this New Year is “green.” As with the other interior design trends mentioned above, eco-friendly themes are expected to be an integral running theme for the year ahead, with many experts predicting that the “green” movement will continue to grow into the next decade.

So what can you expect to see as part of this home lighting trend? One element that many experts think will become a mainstay in the design of the coming years is the concept of the “focal point.” According to experts, the focal point will either act as the starting point for an interior design scheme or as the finishing touch. For example, in the living room, the focal point may be floor lamps paired with plants for a soothing effect. On the other hand, the focal point in the kitchen may be contemporary kitchen appliances – perhaps a bar table with a plant-focused lamp.

Another home lighting trend that experts predict will become a standard part of this year’s design is the use of “swag lighting.” In order to explain, swag lighting refers to a small group of light fixtures (usually two or three) arranged in a decorative pattern. In some cases, the swag lighting arrangement may even act as the “de-cluttering” element of a room’s design. For example, if you have an open plan kitchen, the placement of your swag lighting along the kitchen ceiling could help pull together the various elements of color in your space. By removing certain objects from view, you can help create a fresh and spacious feel in your kitchen.

One of the elements of this year’s home lighting trend that will see a lot of buzz is the use of pendant lights. In terms of size, the pendant lamp range is actually pretty limited right now – there are just two basic types: floor lamps and table lamps. However, as technology improves and more manufacturers jump on the bandwagon, we are sure to see a much wider range of pendant options made using different types of materials and with different styles. For example, one material that experts say is becoming quite popular is bamboo. Bamboo has the unique advantage of being able to achieve the same great looks offered by more expensive materials without the hefty price tag.

Of course, one of the most talked about elements of this year’s home interior lighting trends is the incorporation of LED lights into the design. LED lights represent a significant leap forward when it comes to lighting, but they come with a few trade-offs that you may not be willing to make. For one thing, LEDs will produce the most heat of any light source, so that means choosing them may involve extra careful thought about where they are placed. For another thing, LED lights are notorious for “roasting” their users – this means that over time, their energy consumption actually increases.

As you can see, this year promises to be an exciting time when it comes to your home’s exterior and interior lighting. With several major trends shaping up, including LED lighting, the best idea is to get the best advice before making any major investments. Do your research and get a clear understanding of what your best options are, then make an informed decision. A reliable residential lighting sourcing platform can help you do just that.