The Finist is a modern concept utility aircraft with the most common Russian components. Till now ten aircraft are flying as prototype and pre-production aircraft. Technoavia's goal the type certificate is not achieved yet, but the aircraft offers quite a lot.

The SM-92 "FINIST" is an all metal airplane with the M-14P-type, 360-hp air cooled reciprocating engine.
The airplane is provided with a three-blade variable pitch "Muehlbauer" propeller.

The airplane can be flown practically from any scarcely prepared fields with low sub-soil strength, this is ensured by a spring-type landing gear and tail wheel configuration. For winter flying the gear can be converted to skis. A version on floats is in planning.


SM-91: military version
SM-92: civil version



  • engine power 360hp, range 1300km (702NM), endurance 7.5h
  • cruising speed (75%) 260km/h 140kt / (65%) 220km/h 119kt
  • take off roll 250m (820ft),
  • landing speed 115km/h 62kt,
  • landing roll 250m (820ft)

Weights: empty 1400kg (3080lb), MTOW 2350kg (5170lb), Min. crew 1 person + payload 600kg (1320lb) + fuel 380L (100gal)

3-D drawing:

finist 3D drawing

The airplane’s flight and navigation equipment allows to operate the airplane by day and night under VFR or IFR conditions.

The Finist equipped with King VFR avionics.